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Video Resume

There’s a new trend in recruiting. Video interviewing.

The process is meant to save time and money. Candidates are asked a series of standardized questions. The answers are recorded. The video is stored in a way that meets federal guidelines. Managers and teams can refer back to the videos to actually hear — in a documented way — what candidates actually said during the interviews.

There is standardization, speed, and a relatively easy technology platform.

I kinda like it for non-exempt jobs, hourly workers, and even internships. Executive recruiters will often use video chat at a secondary location — a law firm, a Kinkos — to screen candidates. A webcam and a simple technology platform would work for those firms, too. And in cases where a sketchy hiring decision is made or a person is passed over for a job, the onus is on the employer to pull out the tape and justify the selection criteria and hiring process.

And without body language and immediate non-verbal feedback from an interviewer, it’s tough to know how you are doing.

Maybe that’s the point.

I do think [continue reading here from the Cynical Girl]

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