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I’ve said this a hundred times before, the interview is actually not about you.  Once that concepts sinks in, then you are very close to better mastering the interview process.  This is a huge secret that most people may realize but it doesn’t effect their interview style at all.

Its just like buying a tread mill but you continue to gain weight.  Why are you gaining weight?  It is the tread mills fault?  No, it is our fault if we don’t take the right information and apply it to our situation.  To understand the following two points is to guarantee you an almost fail proof interview.  Prepare to start collecting offers!

The only two things a hiring authority really cares about are…

1.  Is this person going to make my job easier? Understanding this point will hopefully encourage you to know that the employer on the other side of the table is wanting you to show & tell him (just like kindergarten) how your skills will help him sleep better at night.

2.  Is this person going to make me look good? Just like you want a secure, stable job with great pay and benefits, to work less and enjoy life more, so does your boss.  Bosses are still human like you.  No one wants to be the goof that the big boss man says, “who the HECK hired THIS guy?” with a frustrated voice.  On the other hand, you could be the hero for your direct manager if you are the ultimate team player.

Use the advice and win.

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