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We are so blessed to live in this country.  The cost of freedom

September 6th, 2004 – Devin James Grella gave his life while fighting in battle.  Devin was killed in action (KIA) just outside of Fallujah, Iraq in a town called Al Taji.  As Darrin comfortably sat in his downtown office back in Ohio the news rang in that day, very close to home that his brother of 21 years of age had just been killed.  Now a few years removed, this tragedy happens to be a source of strength and oddly enough, happiness.   There is a true higher power and God used this experience to call Darrin to do great things.  Not great things for Darrin but great things for the glory of this God that Darrin now serves.

Darrin recounts in his journal, “A great friend in my life at that time was talking to me one day in an attempt to get my spirits up.  I was so numb and almost incapacitated to even perform the normal daily function of simple stuff like talking.  Tom said one thing that day that stuck in my head that’s caused a light bulb to illuminate for me.  He said, ‘Darrin, you have better live your life in a way that his (Devin’s) death was not in vain.  Live a life of freedom!

Darrin and his wife Tina have a huge heart for the less fortunate, hurting people of this world.  All the way from the inner city of their home town, Akron, OH to Africa.  Darrin and Tina have experienced some time in Chad Africa, multiple visits to their new friends in Haiti (through CPR-3) along with trips to multiple areas in Mexico.

This is not a pledge page but more of a personal page of what Darrin is really about when he is not playing a professional in the day time.  There are many ways, if you’re feeling compelled to get involved, that you can help.  PRAY – GIVE – GO.   Darrin believes that “freedom” is to be able to serve those that need with what we’ve been given.  Darrin just happens to be the one that is going on these trips and supported extensively by the fact that some people PRAY, some people GIVE of their resources from the benefit of freedom and others GO.

The bible says, “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.” [Gal 5:13]

This is a video from our most recent trip to Haiti…

If you are interested in helping or going in anyway, please feel free to send an email to darrin@tigcareers.com.

135 degrees and 30 mins of soccer = tired

This is a very hot day on the plains of Chad Africa in a small village.  We worked extensively on the building behind us, adding inbound and outbound plumbing, installed a water tower, electrical work and various small projects.  The building will be a facility for medical missionaries to come to serve the people and teach medical staff.

Chad Africa

Chadian kids are awesome!  Very rarely have they ever seen themselves so a digital camera was a huge hit.

Haiti Missions Update – June 2011 from Grace Church on Vimeo.

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