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The resignation process can be stressful and filled with emotion. Especially if your company culture is very team oriented. There is a good chance that you have developed fairly strong relationships with many people in your current company. To help you through this tough transition, I would suggest the following:

1.Do not resign until you have a formal offer and start date from your new employer.

2.Be prepared to resign both verbally and via email.

3.Resign verbally to your direct report. Try not to get emotional. At times this may be difficult, especially if you have a close relationship with this person. Thank them for the opportunities they have given for you to grow personally and professionally, and give them a well constructed reason for your resignation. Don’t focus on the possible negative reasons you are leaving. Rather be sure to explain the highlights of your new opportunity.

4.If you are a key player on the team, anticipate that your boss may show some degree of frustration. Remain calm. Recognize that they are acting on the emotion of one of their best people leaving them.

5.Prepare your resignation letter. We recommend that you keep this letter brief and very formal. (sample letter below). Your letter should be addressed to your immediate supervisor and a copy should be sent to your Human Resource Department.


Month, Day, 20XX

First and Last Name

Mr./Mrs./Ms. Direct Supervisor
Direct Supervisor Title

Dear Direct Supervisor’s First Name,

I am writing you to announce that I have decided to resign my employment from (enter your company’s name) effective (last date of employment – you should give a two (2) week notice). I appreciate the opportunity that you and (company’s name) have given me to develop my professional skills and my career.

My decision to resign is based upon an opportunity that I believe are consistent with my career goals, and therefore, is irrevocable.  I do not wish to enter into any discussions that may be designed to have me reconsider my decision.

I will make every effort to leave on the best of terms by completing my assignments and making smooth transitions for those whom will be taking over my responsibilities. I look forward to having an exit interview discussion if you feel it is appropriate.


Your Name

vNotice periods that extend longer than two weeks usually lead to unnecessary tension between your current employer and yourself. On an aside, think about how your enthusiasm for your new position could impact your peers.

vIf your employer asks you to leave immediately, do not let this be a concern. Your employer probably recognizes some of the possible negative ramifications your resignation may have on the rest of the company.

vDuring the Exit Interview (if applicable) do not be negative. Rather, point out the opportunities for growth or improvements you feel exist. If you are going to bring up a problem, be sure to offer potential solutions.

vDon’t second-guess your decision to resign. Remember that you went through the interview process; the hassle of taking personal time from work, invested time to educate yourself on the company, and perhaps even had many emotional conversations with your family members for a reason. You need to recognize that you would not have let the process come to this point if at anytime you thought that it was not the right thing to do.

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